Get Your Hairline Back With Scalp Micropigmentation

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Have you started experiencing hair loss? You can shave your head, but often the receding lines are still visible. Fortunately, there is a solution. Evol Ink Studio offers expert scalp micropigmentation at our tattoo studios in Birmingham, AL and Pensacola, FL. Scalp micropigmentation helps clients look younger and regain their confidence.

Even with a shaved head, scalp aesthetics go a long way toward making you look more youthful. You can trust us to make your hairline look completely natural. Speak with Brian- our talented tattoo artist, about your hairline goals today.

Who should get a scalp tattooing treatment?

We help clients regain their confidence after dealing with:

  • Hairline receding
  • Alopecia
  • Crown balding
  • Complete hair loss
  • Diffused hair loss

This method works for both women and men. Do you want to learn more? Call (850) 466-3338 to schedule an appointment with a tattoo artist in Pensacola, FL or (205) 591-3865 for Birmingham, AL.